Apple reportedly in talks with Time Warner Cable for new Apple TV content

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Apple(s aapl) and Time Warner Cable(s twx) certainly aren’t strangers, but the companies still haven’t paired up where it makes the most sense: Apple TV. And as rumors of a new Apple TV continue to swirl, Bloomberg has added fuel to the fire with a report that Apple is currently negotiating with Time Warner and other service providers to add new video content to the next Apple TV.

This isn’t exactly uncharted territory, as Bloomberg reported similar talks last summer, and further back in 2012. What’s interesting now is some potential information about the device itself as well as a possible release date. Bloomberg says the next Apple TV will feature a faster processor (which is pretty much a given), as well as a new interface that makes it easy for users to navigate between television, movies and other content. There’s no mention of the app store or…

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Picture storytelling app Frontback comes out of hiding with new update

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Photo-sharing app Frontback (which, as its name implies, takes photos from the front and back cameras on an iPhone simultaneously) built on hype throughout the summer of 2013 and launched with relative fanfare in August, thanks to the selfie photo trend and the popularity of similar apps.

Self-timerBut after raising $3 million in the fall , the company’s eight-person team in San Francisco fell silent for a few months, introducing updates to its app with no fanfare. On Thursday, the company released a new version of its iPhone (s aapl) app, and spoke up about the health of the company.

Frontback 1.7 fills in standard features that were were missing from the previous version. Notifications are finally included, enabling users to see new pictures from those they follow. There is also a self-timer that allows users to take shots of what they see, then prepare for a good selfie reaction.

However, comments…

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Some Real Talk About The Openly Gay Football Player

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This has been bouncing around the web today, and I want to attempt to open a forum on the topic. Dale Hansen really nailed it with his broadcast, and I applaud him for that. He was throwing hay-maker’s left a right and, I feel, was a great milestone for “Gay Rights.” If you want to call it that. The ammo’s has all been fired though, and there’s nothing left in the reserves. The question remains….if you were a head coach, would you draft him in the first couple rounds? Great for much of the fan base, and much of the team image, but will it be great for the actual team?

I’ll throw in my 2 cents. I’m not pro-gay or anti-gay. People can do what ever they want on their own time. Their choice to make, and not my place to judge based on how they’re built. I have…

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